The Promised Spirit


Audio Recording


This week, we see how the Holy Spirit has been poured out for us. Let us rest in the Spirit so that we can live in the light of Christ!

Sermon Scripture and Outline

Sermon Scripture - Acts 2:1-13

Receiving the Spirit
  • John 16:5-7
  • Numbers 11:29
The Meaning (of the Promise)
  • Zechariah 4:6
The Response (to the promise)


Discussion Questions - For Family Worship

  1. What is your favorite story from the Bible? Why did you choose that particular story?
  2. How was your experience worshiping from home? How is it different than worshiping at the church?
  3. Read John 15:5-7. Why did Jesus have to go? What is the benefit of the Holy Spirit coming?
  4. What do you believe the Spirit has equipped you to do for God and his kingdom? Are you using your gift now?
  5. Share something God has taught you this past week.